Monday, April 22, 2013

I Love Shimmer!

Hi guys! I'm super excited because today I am reviewing a nail polish from the brand Shimmer Polish.
Today's look is called "I Love Shimmer!" Let me know what you think.
I received this color a few days ago and knew it had to be the next to swatch on Choco Nail Bomb. I used it in conjunction with a Zoya blue base color, and of course my always go to base and top coat.
 What I used:

Zoya in "Breezi"
Shimmer Polish in "Jasmine"
Zoya Anchor Base Coat
Seche Vite Fast Dry Coat
I first added one coat of Zoya anchor base coat, followed with one coat of Zoya Breezi. I added two coats of Shimmer Polish Jasmine, but one coat alone looked beautiful with a lot of sparkle. Top everything off with Seche Vite dry fast top coat.
So what do you think?

You can find Shimmer Polish in Jasmine and a lot more colors below:

Hope you enjoyed this swatch :)


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hi gals! I wanted to let you know that Franken Frosting Nail Lacquer has its own website now!!! I'm super excited, you can find the latest collections and colors there. Go check it out and place your order soon :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Franken Frosting in Mermaid Goddess

Hi gals, today's swatch is on one of my favorite Franken Frosting nail lacquers, it is called "Mermaid Goddess".
This is one of my personal favorites because it looks like jewels in my finger tips, it is super sparkly! I added 3 coats of this along with Seche Vite dry fast coat. What I also love about this polish is that you can top off any color base with it, my personal face is purple with Mermaid Goddess on top.
You can get this polish full size 0.5 oz through the link below for $7.50 

Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dipping Chocolate!!!

Hi gals, I have another great review today from Model City Polish. Today's swatch is called "Dipping Chocolate" which is this gorgeous chocolate colored nail polish with gorgeous fine chocolate glitters.
I love how smooth and even this application was, I only added 2 coats and topped it off with one coat of Seche Vite.
So what do you think?
So far I've only tried two polishes from Model City Polish but I will definitely be getting a few more soon because so far me like :)

Remember that you can get these polishes in Mini and Full size on their website @:

Model City Polish in Red Spinel!

Hi gals! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today, I am super excited because I had mentioned last week that this week I would be receiving some indie polishes to review. So let's get to it! Today's Look is "Model City Polish in Red Spinel".

This polish is a gorgeous holo red/fuchsia with a lot of sparkle. 
I used 3 coats to completely cover my nails with no topcoat.

You can buy this gorgeous polish in full size for $8 or in mini size for $4
The owner also includes some great helpful tips for glitter polish in you package.
Ohh and let me add that the packaging is totally cute, but I didn't want to photograph that so that you guys can see it for yourself when you place your order.

You can find this polish and more from 
Model City Polish

Friday, April 12, 2013

Franken Frosting's Midnight Ball

Hello ladies, today I am very excited because Franken Frosting will be releasing some new mixes in the next 2 days :)
In the next few weeks I will also be getting some polish mixes from exciting indie brands, so very excited to swatch those, also I will be receiving some art tools next week so I'm looking forward to some creative nail art as well :)

Let's get started with today's swatch! Today's swatch is "Franken Frosting's Midnight Ball".

What I used for this look:

Franken Frosting in Midnight Ball

This gorgeous polish is full of holo charcoal and silver glitters in a blue base, it is super sparkly and beautiful, I can't stop looking at my nails. 

I applied 2 coats of Midnight Ball

What do you think?
I don't think photos give this polish any justice because it is so gorgeous having it live and in color, but get yours and you be the judge :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mod Attack!!!!

Good....almost morning! I decided to get a bit more creative today and come up with something a little different yet easy to accomplish. Today's look is called "Mod Attack!!!".

This is what I used for this look:
Kleancolor in Melon Green
Kleancolor in Neon Orange
Kleancolor in Funky Yellow

 1.Apply 2 coats of Melon Green as your base color.
 2. With your Neon Orange polish brush apply one stripe on one side of each nail.
 3. Apply a second and third stripe right next to the previous, but decrease the length of each one.
 4. Repeat the stripe application over Neon Orange with Funky Yellow.
Play around with different colors to find your favorite combination :)

It Must Be A Teen Dream!

The title says it all, this combination is like a Teen Dream. It is sweet and soft with just the perfect amount of shimmer. Just as the title says, I am naming this look "It Must Be A Teen Dream".
This look is pretty simple yet looks absolutely amazing with this pastel combination of pastel lilac and pastel pink.
This is what I used:

China Glaze in Sweet Hook
OPI in Pink Friday
LeChat in Social Butterfly
I simply applied 2 coats of Sweet Hook on my thumb, middle and pinky finger and 2 coats of Pink Friday on my index and ring finger, I followed by adding one coat of Social Butterfly to all nails. Social Butterfly is a gorgeous glitter polish with a pop pink sheer base, perfect for this look!

Hope you enjoyed this look, sing up for Choco Nail Bomb and receive notifications each time a new post is entered :)

Chic in Spring!

Hey guys, here is another swatch look for you. I have already confessed to being a nail polish-aholic so I tend to change my nail color all the time depending on what I'm wearing or where am going. I know it may sound a bit bizarre to some of you and/or maybe time consuming, but trust me with a great polish remover and a fast steady hand it takes only about 5-10 min to complete each nail look. So, with that said, today I matched my nails to match my outfit and this is what was accomplished, I call this look "Chic in Spring".

What do you think?

What I used for this look:

Zoya in Maura
Franken Frosting in Jawbreaker 
Seche Vite

..and as with every pic. there is no better light than the outside natural light, so here you have it.

To complete this fabulous look I added one coat of Maura and 2 coats or Jawbreaker. Top everything off with Seche Vite Dry Fast Coat.

You can get Zoya Maura below at their website:

and you can also get Franken Frosting Jawbreaker at:

There ya have it guys!

Fanken Frosting and Color Me Neon!

Hello guys, so I'm still very much excited to be able to share my nail passions with you through my new blog :) there's a long way to go and still many readers to reach, but hopefully in no time Choco Nail Bomb will have its fans!

So let's proceed to today's awesome look which I call "Franken Frosting and Color Me Neon". Right now there's a big hype about neon colors, not only in clothes and shoes but nails as well and this is what this look is all about. Franken Frosting is releasing a new top coat in the next few days and I just couldn't wait to feature it on here.
Love the combination?

What I used for this look:

Franken Frosting "Color Me Neon"
Bonita Color "White"

I applied two coats of white nail polish and followed with 2 coats of Color Me Neon to top it off. It is a really cute and fun color combination to play with all spring and summer long. Remember, you will be able to find this Franken Frosting top coat soon at
What do you think?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Diamonds at my Finger Tips!

Hey gals! So today I decided to experiment a bit with some of my old nail polishes that I hadn't used for a while and one new from Franken Frosting. I call this look "Diamonds at my Finger Tips" because it is insane how beautiful these sparkles look.
What I used for this look:

Franken Frosting Electro Pink Pumps
Zoya Charisma
Essie Luxe Effects in Set in Stones

and of course Seche Vite

 Here's a second pic.

I first applied one coat of Charisma which for some reason is a matte color, I followed with my ring finger and added 2 coats of Electro Pink Pumps, and lastly applied Set in Stones with a toothpick right above the cuticle. Set in Stones is really sparkly and I had no trouble what so ever applying it with a toothpick.

What do you think?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to Choco Nail Bomb!

Welcome everybody! I'm so excited to launch my new nail blog. At Choco Nail Bomb I will discuss everything that has to do with nail art, as well as tutorials and swatches from all indie and small business brands as well as big popular international brands. I will also host giveaways and fun nail contests for readers.

My name is Pow! and some of you may know me from Franken Frosting Nail Lacquer! I am co owner of the indie brand and absolutely love creating unique polishes for ladies who want to have something unique than what's out in the market nowadays. With that said, I love all indie nail brands and will be discussing and swatching many of them here on Choco Nail Bomb. So stick around and sing up for Choco Nail Bomb, it's going to be fun!!!