Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chic in Spring!

Hey guys, here is another swatch look for you. I have already confessed to being a nail polish-aholic so I tend to change my nail color all the time depending on what I'm wearing or where am going. I know it may sound a bit bizarre to some of you and/or maybe time consuming, but trust me with a great polish remover and a fast steady hand it takes only about 5-10 min to complete each nail look. So, with that said, today I matched my nails to match my outfit and this is what was accomplished, I call this look "Chic in Spring".

What do you think?

What I used for this look:

Zoya in Maura
Franken Frosting in Jawbreaker 
Seche Vite

..and as with every pic. there is no better light than the outside natural light, so here you have it.

To complete this fabulous look I added one coat of Maura and 2 coats or Jawbreaker. Top everything off with Seche Vite Dry Fast Coat.

You can get Zoya Maura below at their website:

and you can also get Franken Frosting Jawbreaker at:

There ya have it guys!


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